Reviews and Quotes: More Book Reviews Addressing a Wider International Audience

The book is starting to get some more international attention thanks in part to Anne Hemendrias’ review in Germany, Alice Oates review in the UK, Barbara Opar’s review in North America,  Elizabeth Berman’s review in the UK (See PDF since the link reaches a paywall and doesn’t show the entire review), and Jean Bundy’s book review for the Association Internationale des Critiques d’Art (AICA).

Quotes from these three authors

Alice Oates’  from Cambridge University in H-Environment: “This is a book capable of expanding a reader’s understanding whether they are drawn to it from the worlds of art, activism, critical scholarship, or some combination thereof. Connecting what is often separated, Climate Change and the New Polar Aesthetics is a vital read for artists, activists, and academics alike.”

Barbara Ann Opar writes in her review for the Arts Libraries Society of North America: “Bloom’s scholarship makes an important contribution to the literature for institutions with graduate programs and/or libraries which aim to include diverse views of the global environmental crisis.”

Elizabeth Berman from Brown University writes: “In presenting polar regions not merely as the presumed “ground zero of catastrophic climate change” (57) but as inhabited, vibrant sites intimately entangled with the rest of the globe, Climate Change and the New Polar Aesthetics marks an important intervention in aesthetic and environmental criticism.”
See PDF since the link reaches a paywall and doesn’t show the entire review.

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