My Book Jewish Identities in American Feminist Art is 1 of 9 books celebrated by the Frick Collection in New York City for Jewish American History Month

Books containing Lisa E. Blooms writings“Originating as a series of oral interviews conducted between the author, Lisa E. Bloom, and living Jewish American feminist artists, this collection of six chapters plus black-and-white illustrations posits that, in a postwar culture of assimilation, unacknowledged Jewish ethnicity manifests as a specter. The project of unveiling the ‘ghosts of ethnicity’ opens the artworks discussed to further levels of interpretation. Among the artists whose works are examined are Judy Chicago, Deborah Kass, Rhonda Lieberman, and Martha Rosler. Also of note, the second chapter highlights the self-proclaimed “maintenance art” of undersung Orthodox artist Mierle Laderman Ukeles, known for her ongoing residency at the New York City Department of Sanitation.”

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